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“I shall become a master in this art only after a great deal of practice.”

Erich Fromm








 You probably have a whole list of questions about creativity coaching. Some of these will be specific to you and we can talk them through in email or in our pre-coaching call. But here are the answers to questions that I often get asked.

Who is creativity coaching for?

Creativity coaching is for artists, writers, singers, actors and people working in creative professions. Some coachees are successful, some are not. Some do their creative work professionally and some do it alongside another day job.

Don’t I just need more will-power?

Sometimes it’s good to work under our own steam and just keep pushing forward. But sometimes we need help.

Our culture teaches us that discipline and will-power are primary, but a lack of discipline may come down to confidence or esteem issues, which need professional help to work through.

It’s also particularly good for creative people to have outside help, for all too often they struggle on for years, quite alone. The need for help is recognised by top business people and CEOs, as well as sports people. Take a look at athletes in the Olympics. Who would think less of them for having coaches? In fact, we’d say they weren’t taking things seriously if they didn’t have a coach  – and they almost certainly wouldn’t get as far as they have.

What does coaching involve?

Creativity coaching involves regular sessions via Skype or face-to-face in East London. Change may happen quickly or it may take time. For coaching to work you need to be committed and you need to take action alongside having the sessions.

How long will creativity coaching take?

We have a first session to make sure we work well together. Then we set up a program to suit you. How long it lasts depends on the nature of your problems or of the creative work you want to do.

One session alone is a start, but it won’t make for major change or development. I usually see clients at least once a month over six months or more. 

I’m confused. Will you tell me the answers?

No. Coaching is a space where you can work out your own answers, facilitated by me, the coaching process and the coaching tools and expertise that I bring. 

Will I have to talk about the past?

Only when it’s relevant to the problem at hand. Coaching isn’t counselling or psychotherapy (though I do those too, only separately. See my counselling web-site  if you feel you need more exploratory therapy.) But sometimes it is relevant – issues that held you back at school may still be holding you back today.

So when are you available?

Drop me a line and we can start right away.

You can call me on 07896919141

or email me at 

I look forward to hearing from you.

Stephen Davy

EMCC Accredited Coach at Senior Practitioner level
MBACP (Accred)

call: (UK) 078 969 19141

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